A couple of days ago, Igorrr announced his fifth LP, Savage Sinusoid, on Metal Blade. I got really, really excited, because a new Igorrr album is an event for me. Usually, when…basically anyone I know reads the previous sentence, they get really confused. “What the fuck am I actually listening to?” gets said. Attempts to figure out the answer to that question are made. So yeah, here’s the brief primer, I guess.

  1. Igorrr has the single greatest producer vanity photo you will ever see. I mean, just look at it.

  2. The rooster in that picture has a solo in his track Vegetable Soup.

  3. His earlier music sits at the center of the Venn diagram of Venetian Snares, JS Bach, and your favorite death metal band.

  4. If you’ve read all the way through “rooster solo plus Baroque death breakcore” and you’re still here, you’ve probably already been convinced, so there isn’t actually a number four.