At some point, my Discover Weekly stopped making much sense. It just started getting really weird. To that end, I started saving the bits I liked and just going ??? at the others. Here’s this week’s picks.

This week featured jazz pretty heavily. We started in easy with Floating Points’ Silhouettes. Sort of calm-if-loud or at least fuzzy-and-soft guitar and strings stuff (though one of the singers needs to sharpen up a bit).

I’ve always been a fan of Snarky Puppy, for instance, and was glad to see them showing up with Becca Stevens. Finding the other picks like Tocororo was a delight, because sometimes Discover seems to pick a mood and run with it.

The picks head slowly into a more rock/electronic direction, from Trans Am, through The Books, to Aphex Twin. After a brief look back at that jazz with Zhivago, we move straight into this sweet as hell math rock with a what-the-fuck drummer in Hella’s Biblical Violence.

I’m game, all in all. I needed more jazzy nonsense in my life!