At some point, my Discover Weekly stopped making much sense. It just started getting really weird. To that end, I started saving the bits I liked and just going ??? at the others. Here’s this week’s picks.

What the heck is the first song here, hahahah. It’s…prog-metal with a cappella highlights about cockroaches, but really about the way capitalism can burn one. Seriously. Genius has lots to say about this song. I picked it initially for its humor value, but I really quite like it.

Back on to some more traditional prog with Consider the Source’s Closer to Home. I like me some crazy fuckin’ slap bass, and that weird synth filter, the one that sounds like Ratatat. In fact, it sounds like a weird, super proggy version of Ratatat in a lot of ways. I dig it.

Finish out with some chill dark lounge. Heck yeah. I could nod to this with a knowing smirk on my face (as one does with dark lounge) any day of the week.