Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why.

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Lunostophiles: My Midnight Heart — Salome

“My Midnight Heart hasn’t released any new music in a year an some change, and every day without new music from her is agonizing. The pure moodiness of all of her tracks (and you should really check out all of her tracks), the layers of sounds, the textures that she creates in her mixes, they’re a soundscape I’ve found in very few other musicians’ work.

The thing that gets me about ““Salome”” is a mix of using this Biblical character to talk candidly about post-relationship emotions, and the way the song just builds, and builds, like it cannot get any bigger each verse and yet does. Angelica Allen (My Midnight Heart’s namesake) has this way of wailing out non-lyrical sounds that dig right into my soul, too, in a way that makes me want to sing along at the top of my lungs, to wail pure pain and passion with her.

(Also, if someone can decipher the second verse’s lyrics for me I’d love you forever.)”

Amdusias: Judgement Day — Dragon Force

“Facts about this pick:

  1. I typed ““judgment”” several times because it looks more correct to me, but that isn’t actually the name of this song.
  2. My weekly pick was between this, something off the new JLin, or something off the new Do Make Say Think. ““But Ammy those bands are absolutely noth-“” SHUSH YOU.
  3. Okay, so seriously, this whole album makes sixteen-year-old me incredibly happy. There’s not a SO FAR AWAYYYY in sight (there’s still a whoa-oh-oh breakdown, because they can’t get too far from their roots), but man, since this band changed vocalists, they’ve actually tightened up their sound a whole lot. It’s still ““I’m writing music about my D&D sessions”” pure power metal cheese, but a) sometimes that’s exactly what my day needs and b) they’ve actually gotten super good at it over the last few albums? There’s a lot to like here as long as you’re looking for an album in which no song is under 180bpm. Go punch the nearest evil wizard for me!”

Veyote: Big Gigantic ft. Angela McCluskey — The Little Things

Big Gigantic is like if you took melodic dubstep and made it infinitely cooler by adding tons of big band themes and instruments. It’s so feel good, as is the rest of the album “Brighter Future.” This track also got a good synch placement in the Apple announcement video last year for the new “MacBook With Emoji Bar”.

Peri: Hazmat Modine — Bahumat

Bluesy Swingy Eastern Europeany with a bit of everything else. Hazmat Modine takes its sound from seemingly every folk music to make this magical earthy music. It’s the kind of surreal music they play in a secret bar in New Orleans that you can only find if you know which wall to walk through.

Kylia: Halogenix & Solah — Flames

Halogenix has always been so wonderful and meticulate in his mixdowns, adding JUST the right amount of compression. Solah’s voice is so soulful and passionate, and the minimalistic, more atmospheric nature of the tune, switching between smooth minimal dnb and passionate cosmic choruses really speaks to how well the vocalist and producer work together.

Alteq: The Whitest Boy Alive — Figures

I really enjoy Ereland’s lyrics and vocal work. He’s always had a simplicity about him no matter the project. This song in particular, resolves musically, but not lyrically, and for some reaon I really enjoy that.

Proxy: YMCK — Thrill Me (Theme song of the swingers the phantom thieves)

(Title is a translation of: スリル・ミー (怪盗スウィンガーズのテーマ)) Speaking of things that sixteen-year-old versions of ourselves were into: here’s the group that got me into chiptune! Between fun and cutesy swing composition and vocals that haven’t changed in how charming they are in years, YMCK has a mainstay in my chiptune influences, due to how their stuff could theoretically work as larger swing band productions but feel right at home within this chiptune landscape. The entire album here, Family Swing, is a concept musical album about rival gangs of thieves, and it feels like it would work as a bombastic production if expanded. But again, it’s charming and feels right at home in chip.

Lorxus: Run the Jewels – Stay Gold

I think I got confused and got into something that would have made someone else happy at 16. Oh well! Hat tip to Alteq for giving me knowledge of the entire album as a lovely birthday present.