Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why.

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Proxy: Carly Rae Jepsen — Cut To The Feeling

I spent this week mostly with this song on repeat, because it’s the end of summer and I needed a song of the summer. This might just be it, with a fantastic hook and fantastic synth work. A lot of pop radio is rather downtempo and dour, and this song has a bright, shimmering feeling that stands in direct contrast to that.

Carly Rae Jepsen deserves to be celebrated as much as she is, and deserves more chart success. This is the textbook definition of a summer pop song in the best ways.

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Alteq: Ben Gibbard — The Concept

Heard on the radio and really enjoyed it, only to find its the opening track to a cover album of Teenage Fanclub. Love tracks that take time to develop or address what they want, and Ben didn’t leave that out from the original, which I liked.

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Lu: Kesha — Finding You

I could have put any song from Kesha’s new album Rainbow down for this choice. I’m surprised I was the one it was left to, because I thought someone else would have swooped in and grabbed the opportunity–but if I’m left here with the amazing task of talking about Rainbow, I’M GONNA.

Even if we could divorce everything about Dr. Luke and Kesha’s protracted legal and emotional battle with him, Rainbow would still stand up as one of the finest examples of pop music in 2017. It casts a big shadow, both back in time and forward; it’s asking pop music ot put up or shut up. It’s not just that these are fun songs (and some of them are amazingly fun), but that these songs reach for more than a four-on-the-floor and a synth warble.

I chose “Finding You”, first and foremost, because I love a good love song. If the love song is about trascendental multiple-life romances, all the better in my opinion. More than that, though, Kesha finds ways to make every song on this album, “Finding You” included, aurally and texturallly interesting. The way the acoustic guitar riff that starts off this song rolls around, full of accidentals and half-tones lends an air of mysticism to the track. The rhythm of the melody line bounces and roils, and doesn’t follow a traditional pattern that most pop music does. A lot of other pop music will hit its lyrics on the 1 and & of a beat, but Kesha swings her melody with abandon. It all makes for a fantastic ride.

Listen to Rainbow. Listen to it a lot. Play it literally everywhere.

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Amdusias: Mutemath — Prytania

“But Ammy this isn’t that Kesha album you were all about on Twitter why don’t you rev-“ Yeah, Rainbow is great but I want to leave it to other SALSAzens who can do it more justice than I can. So I decided to dig back a little bit!

Prytania is, according to Spotify, my most-listened song of 2016. (#2 is Casualties of Cool’s “Bones”, #3 is clipping.’s “Air Em Out”, in case you were curious, which clearly you were.) This is a somewhat odd statement to make about a song from an album that came out in 2011; I obviously have perennial favorites, but a lot of my listening pattern tends to get stuck on new music that I’m really into at that exact moment. (I’m calling the Spotify 2017 playlist now: “Non-Believer”, “Rose-Colored Boy”, “Houmous” in the top five.)

Anyway, now that I’ve mostly not talked about the song that I’m actually writing about, here’s this: Prytania is probably my favorite air-drumming song ever, but definitely my favorite air-drumming song of the last decade. (I’m leaving room for “In The Air Tonight”, which is everyone else’s favorite air-drumming song.) Like, good lord holy shit those drums. Everything about this is fun, it’s tight, it’s rhythmically interesting, it’s fast as heck and the live version is faster. I once got major FitBit Space Points™ from bashing my steering wheel in to this song on loop. When I saw Mutemath play live, they got on stage by carrying the drummer in from the back of the room while he jammed out to this song. If you drum at all, this basically has to be your jam.

Okay also seriously please go listen to that Kesha album okay thanks bye!

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Veyote: Metrik — Hi!

Hi! :D

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Makyo: Truxton — Automation Astrosmash

I got “Concept of Love” stuck in my head the other day. It’s an excellent song from what I’m told is a good game that didn’t age very well. Either way, it’s super well done.

I didn’t actually hear the song from JSRF (I’ve never actually played it, and know nothing about the game itself c.c), but through a mashup album from Truxton called Panic Protocol. The whole thing is really good - far less ironic, far more earnest than Neil Cicierega’s Mouth (Sounds|Silence|Moods). Indeed most of the mashup albums are really good. Hellhound has a lot more chip/game stuff, as well as a lot more Cotton Eye Joe. Even so, Panic Protocol is the one I remember best, if only for the memories of driving up to SF with Amdusias with it blasting.

It’s hard to pick just one track from the album, as they’re really good. I opted for Automation Astrosmash rather than the track with Concept of Love (White Dog Problems Is What’s Up, also a great track), simply for the the fantastic cronchiness (yeah, I’m still on that kick), and the amazing tempo tricks. It starts out at 113 bpm, drops to 100bpm at 1:25 and steadily accelerates up to 120, then drops back down to 113. All this atop the Mario 3 castle theme. I dig it :3

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Lorxus : Beach House — The Hours

Thanks to the end of my senior year of college, this song will never not be an anthem for summer for me.

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