Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why.

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Alteq: Diarrhea Planet — Ghost With A Boner

Happy Halloween!

Found on: BOOtify

Peri: Phideaux — Microdeath Softstar

Sometimes I just crave some comfortable classic rock soundingish Prog type music. When I get that jones I crack open a nice can of Phideaux. They’ve got lovely guitar riffs, organs, weird time signatures, meedly meedly solos, occasional saxaphones, and wonderfully morbid psychadelic lyrics. What’s not to love?

Found on: In hoc Spotify vinces

Lu: Nick Drake — Things Behind the Sun

Blame Griffin McElroy for this one. On his new podcast Wonderful, Griffin brought up how Nick Drake’s music is a recurring fall soundtrack for him. Superficially this just prompted me to go listen to Nick Drake as well, but it also got my brain thinking on what fall music means. There isn’t really Thanksgiving holiday music, and while I love Halloween music it’s not all of fall, so it’s an interesting thought. What music encapsulates an entire season, from lyrics to just the mood.

Nick Drake is definitely one of those artists. His music feels like a brisk October day with some leaves on the ground and a warm coffee or apple cider in your hand. It’s warm, cozy, a little sombre but not overly so. Drake evokes that changing, pensive mood accurately and with beauty.

Happy autumn, y’all.

Found on: The slowly dying landscape of the world, burning with sunset foliage that will soon give way to the bone branches of winter.

Makyo: Django Django — Found You

Dunno how to classify the sound other than “tired tenors’ choir”. That also includes Boys Latin. Bonus points for Django being a friend’s dog’s name, and double bonus points for double Django.

Found on: Yeah

Amdusias: Rapsody — Power

So, this album has a million good guests on it, but this track features Kendrick Lamar, who’s slightly popular these days, I guess.

I don’t actually have that much to say here: this track is great, the flows are incredible, and that ultra-gritty sawtooth Royksopp bassline drills directly into my head in the best way possible.

Found on: Spoof!

Lorxus: The Books — Smells Like Content

It’s finally come to my attention that I haven’t put up one of my favorite songs here! Smells Like Content has a rich sonic landscape and surreal but evocative lyrics - the perfect thing to celebrate a rainy afternoon after a week of surreal nightmares.

Found on: The center of the sun

Proxy: Yaeji — Last Breath

I keep forgetting about if I’ve talked about Yaeji on SALSA before, as I’ve brought her up pretty consistently when chatting with everyone else. They’re a solid fresh face in house music, dreamily blending Korean and English into her work lyricism and applying a lot of seamless vocal tricks into house music that I would more often listen to while stoned rather than in a club.

‘Last Breath’ is completely different in that regard, as it has a driving pulse to it and is structured lyrically like a makeup tutorial. This is primarily the reason for the linked YouTube video in this week’s playlist, namely because the video for this song is a makeup tutorial set to a very 90’s house track. It’s instantly catchy and once you actually pay attention to what the words are saying, its perspective and very timely point are that much more clear and upfront.

Found on: YouTube, apply directly to the forehead.

Rodo: Soulja Boy — Anime

“Anime swag, I’m lookin like goku, anime swag, when I pull up in that old school” I need not say more

Found on: TouYube