Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why.

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Lorxus: Shpongle — Falling Awake

This entire album - “Nothing Lasts… but Nothing is Lost” - holds together beautifully as one of my favorite coherent albums, meriting a mention in a recent SALSA chat about… well… favorite coherent albums. I particularly like “Falling Awake” ‘s startlingly clear style after an entire album of tangled fervent electronica, like awakening from a night of involved dreams. (Or perhaps coming down from a day of rather less legal experiences. Not that I’d have much to say on that score, you understand.) Give it a listen!

Found on: I am convinced that I once tore a hole from this reality into the Platonic world of forms by counting to smallish countable transfinite ordinals and then proceeded to stare directly into it. Probably don’t do that, the strain would break you.

Proxy: Baths — Adam Copies

Baths’ 2010 release ‘Cerulean’ has been cemented upon repeated listens as one of my favourite records of all time. Will Wiesenfeld has a unique production style, heavy with sidechain usage and layering of simple elements in a way that elevates and expands and including choppy percussion elements that keep things in a consistent momentum. The lyrical content is very mixed but outwardly queer, and comes from such a genuine place of emotion. It’s maximalist in a way that makes it feel as though there’s still room to breathe, and I love the approach that Wiesenfeld takes on his tracks. He just released his latest album, ‘Romaplasm’, this week and I shouted about it in our group chat for SALSA pals just with “BATHS BATHS BATHS.”

Anyway, “Adam Copies”. It’s juxtaposing a simple vocal melody with very hyperactive but focused production, and the lyrics feel as though they emphasize being steadfast even as things feel like they’re coming down. It’s uplifting! I’m in love with the drums on the track and how chopped the track feels, in a way I haven’t heard since all-time-favourite-Baths-track “Maximalist”. Admittedly I also enjoy the not-so-subtle Evangelion callouts too, as the resident weeb of SALSA.

Just a damn great track off one of my favourite releases of the year. Do yourself a favour and listen to it.

Found on: imagine if owen wilson was cast as shinji in a live-action evangelion, or would he be kaiji so he could say “wow” constantly

Duster: Unwound — Look A Ghost

Lately I’ve been venturing into that one monumental post-hardcore album

Found on:

Alteq: *Charles Fauna — Hypnosis (Brothertiger Remix) *


Found on: You spootify bard!