Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why.

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Miko: DADABOTS — Wead

Training a neural network to generate a noise that sounds like NOFX accidentally created a hybrid of drone and punk with weird time signature changes (or weird time signature-like noises) that’s more and more compelling the more I listen to it.

Found on: Bandcamp

Makyo: This Will Destroy You — Communual Blood

Something about the more droney postrock songs hits me right in the feels. The problem is, I can’t quite tell which feels. They’re all those subliminal, subconscious emotions with no names, the ones that you use ‘kinda like’ with a lot. They’re kinda like awe, kinda like sadness, kinda like terror. Or, perhaps, it’s kinda like ecstasy. Ecstatic traditions are all about repetition, right? Maybe that’s why this and rockets fall on Rocket Falls hit me right in the unnamable feels.

Found on: Barely restrained unnamed emotions

Proxy: Mondo Grosso, Etsuko Yakushimaru — 惑星タントラ

So this is probably one of the more exciting things to pop up in my Release Radar. I never expected anything featuring Etsuko Yakushimaru, one of my favourite vocalists operating currently out of Japan, to end up on US Spotify, let alone on one of the more sonically-out-of-character Mondo Grosso tracks out there! As I don’t speak Japanese, the lyrics here are a mystery to me, but the title roughly translates to “Plant Tantra” (according to Genius). I’m sure I’d enjoy this track a lot more upon hearing the lyrics, but the character of this song is what really sells this for me.

There’s a consistent hazy dream vibe, one cut up by a consistent pulse and less reverb than one would expect out of something so shoegaze-inspired. The vocals give off a monotone air of ennui, characteristic of Yakushimaru’s delivery but resonating even more strongly here. It still ellicits the same effect as an effective dream pop track though: making one feel as though they are wandering slowly through, well, a dream. It’s compelling as it gently pulls you through.

Found on: in a hazy bar lit merely by fading neon signs. they serve two things: cheap beer and Spotify on the rocks

Amdusias: Black Moth— Moonbow

Not to be confused with Black Moth Super Rainbow, Black Moth has written the best stoner metal track about Dianic cultists of 2018.

That aside, I had a phase where I got super, super into The Sword, and I’m back on my bullshit again with this Black Moth album. I can’t get over how cool the bridge and solo section in this song sounds?

Found on: Spot & Arrow