Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why. This week, we picked songs to answer a question: What’s a song that you feel is almost somehow written about you?

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Veyote: Modest Mouse — Coyotes

yaps in indie rock

Found on: YoteTube

Makyo: Sufjan Stevens — Djohariah

This was an impossible question, and this answer’s probably only good for the moment, buuut if you thought I wasn’t going to put in a 17 minute noodly folk song here, well, I got news for you, bub.

So, bulleted list time:

  • Something about the sheer coarseness of this song really gets me. Like, it starts out pretty staid, then it slowly gets rougher and rougher over time, with the guitar especially. This speaks to a lot of how I’ve experienced emotion and mental health over my life, which is something that’s really important to me.
  • All the talk about for the woman is the glorious victorious the mother of the heart of the world touches on some gender/spirituality stuff for me
  • The idea of rising above abuse feels particularly relevant to some of my own experiences: go on, little sister! go on! for the world is yours, all the wilderness of the world is yours.

Found on: Spotariah

Lunostophiles: Hannah Diamond — Hi

Laugh all you want, but Hannah Diamond’s shiny, icy sadness speaks to me. It speaks to the 15-year-old kid on FurNet making friends he might never meet. It reminds me of my first boyfriend, now dead. It’s all those nights sitting up until 3a feeling both happy and sad for growing up online. All of my best, dearest friends started as online friendships, but when Hannah sings “I don’t want to be alone in my bedroom writing messages you won’t read; I don’t want to be alone in my bedroom, on the internet waiting to say hi,” I am back in my house in Concord, North Carolina, checking up on my Neopet, and dreaming of what the next decade would bring.

Found on: PC Spotify

Proxy: boygenius — Stay Down

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus are all singer-songwriters whose sole purpose in life is making me resonate with my darkest emotions and bawl my eyes out. So of course they’re going to make a supergroup EP. “Stay Down” is the Baker-led track, and it feels like it; with lyrics engaged with the ideas of Christian atonement, softly-sung verses alluding to an emotional punch in the face, and an explosive build-up to a soft backing off, it’s undeniably her. Bridgers adds in some nice string arrangements and vocal harmonies, and Dacus adds in a release to all of the slow-boiling tension via a built-up rocking outro with a full band. It gives the feeling that while these emotions are valid, you have people backing you as you’re crying your eyes out and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Found on: Spotraline

Amdusias: Dishwalla— Counting Blue Cars

Choice out of absolutely NOWHERE from me (Pet Your Friends came out in 1995, also, har har the album is called Pet Your Friends hashtag furryjoke), but this is basically the objectively correct answer for this question for me.

Okay, so bear with me: Counting Blue Cars is, on paper, a song about an inquisitive child, but it never, ever stopped applying to me. “Tell me all your thoughts on God / ‘cause I’d really like to meet Her / and ask Her why we’re who we are” is an absolute gut-punch of a lyric, and one that’s resonated all the way through my falling out with my religious upbringing, through being a queer weirdo in college, right up to being a confused trans lump of an adult. In a single chorus, probably unintentionally, this song managed to capture every thought about “life really never does start making any more sense, does it?” that I’ve ever had.

Found on: Spot Your Friends

Din Fleetpaw: Mount Eerie — Distortion

I don’t dig it, in fact I hate the fact that this song dredged up so much emotion in me. But this song, and entire album is a dirge for those who have dealt with suicide. Every 30 seconds or so there’s a new wound ripped open… And sometimes this is important. It certainly reminded me of things I don’t want to, and should never forget. And that’s okay.

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