Welcome to The SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why. This week, we picked songs to answer a question: What’s a song that you feel is almost somehow written about you?

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Amdusias: Jinjer— Perennial

Jinjer’s been busy: they dropped a new EP the day that I’m writing this (the 11th), after a full length album last year. But yeah, everything here is executed to perfection: the clean vocals are great, the harsh vocals are great, and I guess I just have something for people angrily yelling GOODBYE at the top of their lungs for way too long. This is the logical band for me to have ended up liking as a huge fan of Evanescence in high school who now happens to be much older and angrier.

Found on: Relevant 2019-themed Spotify Pun

Shuyo: Ic3peak — Грустная сука

Wild sound, heavy bass Russian shrieking

Found on: Spoofy

Amari: Forests — You Seem A Little Anxious

Catchy math infused emo rock from Asia. It’s a blast to listen to from start to finish.

Found on: SpottyFy

Makyo: Lemon Demon — Touch Tone Telephone

This is such a fuckin’ bop. Neil Cicierega is a goddamn monster and we don’t deserve him. I’m so glad he exists.

Found on: UFOify

Chiaro: Flying Lotus — And The World Laughs With You

I’ve listened to this song do many times and I never noticed that’s Thom Yorke singing!

Found on: Spiderfly