Welcome to The final SALSA Weekly! The SALSA Weekly is a curated playlist/post on the blog, wherein members of SALSA will submit one song they have been digging the past week and why. This week, we picked songs to answer a question: What’s a song that you feel is almost somehow written about you?

After this, we’ll probably do something different :D

The List

For your listening pleasure, here are our picks in one handy dandy Spotify playlist. Scroll down for what we have to say!

Monokhrome: Cate Le Bon — Magnificent Gestures

Cate Le Bon’s dazzling, heartfelt comeback LP, Reward, reaches its fever pitch here as the Welsh Wonder dials up her manic energy in this off-kilter kaleidoscope of an almost-pop song. Cate sings of anxiety, memory, the cruel passage of time, and the desire to connect despite it all, set to a juicy, bouncy arrangement with many surprising left-hand swerves, tethered to her razor-sharp Telecaster stabs. Cate’s vocal on this track is one of Reward’s most rousing, jumping around her register and spinning through a roulette wheel of emotions. Also worth hearing just for the funky interplay in the guitar and bass lines…

Found on: sportify but also Buy That Vinyl Dude

Makyo: Eric Whitacre — A Boy and a Girl

There were several reasons I wound up majoring in composition, but Eric Whitacre was the reason I wound up focusing in choral music. Something about the sort of neo-romantic, occasionally neo-madrigal form appealed to me, not to mention the focus on dense, yet still tonal, harmonies and harmonic melodies (rather than a single melodic line, something frowned upon in general, and which got me in trouble with professors). I loved it all, especially the BYU choirs’ renditions. Something about their velvety tone seems to fit a bit better than either more vibrato-heavy adult choirs or the pure, drill-like tones of, say, Layton’s Polyphony choir or Harry Christophers’ The Sixteen - weirdly, those voices pull of Lauridsen quite well; weird because Lauridsen’s compositions can get awfully similar to Whitacre’s.

Found on: Whitify

Proxy: Sacred Paws — Almost It

Sometimes you just have to give it to a song’s energy. Lyrically, “Almost It” does make sense in the context of the record while still being vague enough to work as a danceable single. The movement in this track is just unbelievable; busy in a way that makes it teeming with life, with an active rhythm section and and a brass section that gives an offbeat almost third-wave-ska vibe at times. I can’t help but smile while listening to this track.

Found on: Spawtify

Amari: Hirola — Perpetual Light

A lush composition with gently shimmering strings, bubbling electronics and lush pads. It all wraps up into a beautiful 5 minute package.

Found on: SpootleFlea

Amdusias: Her Name Is Calla — A Moment Of Clarity

HNIC recently released their final album, Animal Choir. They knew going into the release that they were done as a band after this release, and oh boy does it show. I’m only occasionally a fan of vocal post-rock, but Animal Choir on a whole executes it brilliantly, and this track aches with all of the emotions brought by the end of an era. Overall, this entire release floored me, but I have to pick only one track, so here it is! Try not to weep like I did. :)

Found on: Animal Spots

Colton R: ichikoro — James?

I don’t think I’ve ever not mentioned that I’m a Prog fan, especially the whole Prog-Metal/Prog-Rock/Fusion thing happening right now, but sometimes it all sounds so similar. Blame Polyphia, I’m not going to. It’s nice when one can find something a little more fresh in the genre and I’ve been listening to ichikoro quite a bit lately. Quite Polyphia-like in style, there’s still a good dose of jazz influence here. While many of their songs seem to draw heavily from the various Japanese flavors of Jazz and City-Pop, this song is just a little bit different and it stands out to me.

Found on: YooChoob